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When U Were 15 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U...
U Blushed.. U Look Down And Smile

وقتی 15 سالت بود و من بهت گفتم که دوستت دارم ...صورتت از شرم قرمز شد و سرت رو به زیر انداختی و لبخند زدی...

When U Were 20 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U...
U Put Ur Head On My Shoulder And Hold My Hand...

Afraid That I Might Dissapear...

وقتی که 20 سالت بود و من بهت گفتم که دوستت دارم

سرت رو روی شونه هام گذاشتی و دستم رو تو دستات گرفتی انگار از این که منو از دست بدی وحشت داشتی

When U Were 25 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U...

U Prepare Breakfast And Serve It In Front Of Me

And Kiss My Forhead

N Said :"U Better Be Quick, Is''''s Gonna Be Late.."

وقتی که 25 سالت بود و من بهت گفتم که دوستت دارم ..

صبحانه مو آماده کردی وبرام آوردی  ..پیشونیم رو بوسیدی و

گفتی بهتره عجله کنی ..داره دیرت می شه

When U Were 30 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U...
U Said: "If U Really Love Me, Please Come Back Early After Work.."

وقتی 30 سالت شد و من بهت گفتم دوستت دارم ..بهم گفتی اگه راستی راستی دوستم داری

.بعد از کارت زود بیا خونه

When U Were 40 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U...
U Were Cleaning The Dining Table And Said: "Ok Dear,
But It''''s Time For
U To Help Our Child With His/Her Revision.."

وقتی  40 ساله شدی و من بهت گفتم که دوستت دارم

تو داشتی میز شام رو تمیز می کردی و گفتی .باشه عزیزم ولی الان وقت اینه که بری

تو درسها  به بچه مون کمک کنی

When U Were 50 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U..
U Were Knitting And U Laugh At Me

وقتی  که 50 سالت شد و من بهت گفتم که دوستت دارم  تو همونجور که بافتنی می بافتی

بهم نگاه کردی و خندیدی

When U Were 60 Yrs Old, I Said I Love U...
U Smile At Me

وقتی  60 سالت شد بهت گفتم که چقدر دوستت دارم و تو به من لبخند زدی...

When U Were 70 Yrs Old. I Said I Love U...
We Sitting On The Rocking Chair With Our Glasses On..

I''''M Reading Your Love Letter That U Sent To Me 50 Yrs Ago..
With Our Hand Crossing Together

وقتی که 70 ساله شدی و من بهت گفتم دوستت دارم در حالی که روی صندلی راحتیمون نشسته بودیم من نامه های عاشقانه ات رو که 50 سال پیش برای من نوشته بودی رو می خوندم و دستامون تو دست هم بود

When U Were 80 Yrs Old, U Said U Love Me!
I Didn''''t Say Anything But Cried...

وقتی  که 80 سالت شد ..این تو بودی که گفتی که من رو دوست داری..

نتونستم چیزی بگم ..فقط اشک در چشمام جمع شد

That Day Must Be The Happiest Day Of My Life!
Because U Said U Love Me !!!

اون روز بهترین روز زندگی من بود ..چون تو هم گفتی که منو دوست داری

to tell someone how much you love,
how much you care.
Because when they''''re gone,
no matter how loud you shout and cry,
they won''''t hear you anymore

به کسی که دوستش داری بگو که چقدر بهش علاقه داری

و چقدر در زندگی براش ارزش قائل هستی

چون زمانی که از دستش بدی

مهم نیست که چقدر بلند فریاد بزنی

اون دیگر صدایت را نخواهد شنید

عشق یخی



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The world of lost faith


The world of lost faith

The world of all alone,
the world of the trouble shore,
the world of all gone
and the planet of the plain sore,
the place of the living non
and the problem core,
here then i live
where my faith struggle and strive,
i believe in love that i can not achieve,
come on pull me up the make me believe.

Open my eyes and let me see,
open my heart and let me feel,
open your hand and let me heal,
open your prayers and let me kneel,
prove it to me that it aint kill,
bring back to me that faith meal,
here is my love make it a deal,
put the coat on and keep it in seal,
the world of lost faith
is where i use to be.

عشق یخی

Love ice


برچسب ها: The world of lost faith، 
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Love Is Not Enough

Of course you have to have all the main ingredients that make a great relationship casserole. Open communication, a deep sense of loyalty and respect a heavy helping of friendship are vitally important. Any one of these missing ingredients can doom all the work and time that both of you have invested into the relationship. However you have to feel content.

In other words an intense feeling of being content with each other is essential. Content is defined as not wanting more. Are you wanting more than what you’re getting in your relationship. If the answer is yes, then it’s time to talk with your partner and open the line of communication.

When one party feels neglected or somehow overlooked this can lead to infidelity or cheating. Relationships that experience infidelity usually have that person looking for something that he or she is not getting in the relationship. It could be a number of things like the loss of sexual appetite, the feeling of you don’t understand me anymore or financial insecurity.

How many marriages have ended due to one of these issues? Although there are no stats that include these problems I would venture a guess and say that 100% of all divorces and long term relationship break-ups are due to one or more of these things.

Relationships tend to fall into a regular routine. And before you know it you’re stuck in a rut and end up “settling”. There is a huge difference between settling and being content. When you settle you are missing something when you are content you are looking for nothing else.

Love only goes so far in a relationship work will take you to being complete. As anyone who is in a committed relationship will tell you, love is most certainly not enough when it comes to finding happiness in a partnership. Trust, communication, respect, and reciprocal friendship are important components in any relationship and the death of any one of these essential ingredients can often spell disaster for the relationship as a whole. But the fact remains that in the course of our union we will all be faced with an inevitable love test that can have one of several outcomes – the ending of the relationship, the continuing of the relationship that is now forever damaged by the event, or the beginning of a new chapter in the relationship – one that signifies a much stronger union and the promise of a happy future.

One such love test is one in which the trust of either or both partners is tested in the face of infidelity. There are many reasons that infidelity occurs in a relationship but it is – without fail – always indicative of a much larger problem in the relationship. In most cases, the partner who discovers the infidelity will immediately end the relationship or perhaps continue in the relationship because there are children involved or financial reasons that make the continuance of the union a practical decision. In either case, the couple has lost the opportunity to emerge from the experience stronger and much more committed to a future in which they both feel a part. If both parties are invested in the continuing of the relationship, professional counselling can provide a chance to get to know each other again and rebuild a solid foundation of trust. As incredible as it may sound, this love test can be one – that if passed – can deliver the couple to new heights of love and partnership.

Many a couple has experienced a love test in which finances are the star. Money is one of the prime factors over which couples argue and even separate. This often comes from a base history of handling money differently – based upon the ways in which we were all taught to think about finances from our parents. When two people come together with very different financial compasses, they are often left feeling frustrated and disrespected by each other. There is financial counselling available that works with couples of this very kind. Such counseling allows couples to move past their preconceived ideas about money and reformulate a shared goal and plan for finances in their relationship. If statistics are correct, then 50% of couples who face this financial love test have failed – losing each other to their different feelings about money. But if you approach this situation as a challenge and seek resources that can help you redefine your relationship in this capacity, you can move on to a respectful relationship with shared values.

Every couple will face a love test in their lifetime; such is the inevitability of love. But if you love and respect each other enough, you can move through the love test and emerge into a place of light, love, and happiness.

Love Test oxox

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